Does your partner feel your love?

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Are you happy with your relationship? Do you have a healthy relationship? But first of all — What is a healthy relationship? All of us have our own meaning of relationship. Personally, relationships are healthy to me when I can openly talk about my flaws with my partner without being afraid of getting judged and bring the best out of me. A healthy relationship always does not mean a perfect relationship. Nothing is perfect all the time. Relationships continue when two different persons never give up even though it’s not perfect. …

Maybe it's time to let things go…

Black Chain
Black Chain
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Relationships are supposed to be filled with love, romance, flowers, dates, and sweet things. In reality, relationships can be tough. Every relationship has to pass through a tough time but everyone cannot survive it. Sometimes you just have to let things go.

When a relationship starts to fall apart, you can feel it. Can you still feel their words? Have you started to question your relationship? Do you feel like you are drifting apart? Do you have a hard time trusting your partner? …

Buying a home is the dream of many people. As an international student, it was one of my dreams and recently, I was able to accomplish this dream and I will be explaining the process that I learn during my journey.

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Can we buy homes in the USA as an F1 student?

In short, yes. No law in the USA prohibits an international student from owing property. The main question is if you can afford to buy a home or not. Buying a home is not as simple as it sounds unless you can pay in cash for the house. Paying cash for a home is not possible for most of…

Sharmila Shrestha

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