A Guide to Buying Home as International Student in the USA

Sharmila Shrestha
4 min readSep 1, 2021

Buying a home is the dream of many people. As an international student, it was one of my dreams and recently, I was able to accomplish this dream and I will be explaining the process that I learn during my journey.

Photo by Sandy Millar on Unsplash

Can we buy homes in the USA as an F1 student?

In short, yes. No law in the USA prohibits an international student from owing property. The main question is if you can afford to buy a home or not. Buying a home is not as simple as it sounds unless you can pay in cash for the house. Paying cash for a home is not possible for most of us. What can we do if we do not have cash? Can we qualify for a house mortgage as immigrants? Yes! We can get a home mortgage like every other USA citizen as long as we meet the requirement.

Requirements for a home mortgage as an F1 student

1. You need to have a source of income

As an international student, you are not allowed to work outside unless you have CPT or OPT. CPT is the Curricular Practical Training that allows you to work before graduation for an internship. OPT is the Optional Practical Training that allows you to work full time after graduation. Lenders will need your tax documents to verify the income…